A woman, lost in a surreality brought on by grief, meets a man who may offer her a way forward.

Written / Directed / Edited / Produced by Paul Kowalski
2012 Official Selection Raindance Film Festival
Shot in London, England



"As a child, I used to pass by the abandoned Battersea Power Station on the train into London from the suburbs. The monolithic building was a potent symbol in my youth, a railroad gateway to something magnetic, but beyond my comprehension. As I got older, and moved into the city, Battersea became even more prevalent, coming to signify the austerity of winter, loneliness, and a sort of religious peace. I wanted to pull outwards from this starting point, preserving that original archetype, and give ‘Battersea’ dramatic flesh by weaving a narrative around it."

Influenced by the cinema of visual myth (Antonioni, Pasolini), and psychological hysteria (Bergman), especially in its treatment of a troubled female protagonist, "Battersea" explores loneliness, loss, "objectum sexuality", and ultimately, empowerment. The ruined grandeur of Battersea Power Station features as a distinct character - a post-industrial version of an ancient metaphor.